Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pop Goes The Church

I am friggin' PUMPED! One of my favorite bloggers and a very creative church leader Tim Stevens is writing a soon to be VERY controversial book called "Pop Goes the Church: Should the church engage pop culture?" Controversy; the church; pop culture; that's all right up my alley. So asked for leaders to help him review the book. Out of over 100 people - I WAS CHOSEN! I'm incredibly excited to see what he has to say about the subject. The church he is the executive pastor of, Granger Community Church, does a great job of reaching the culture with Gospel in terms that the culture can understand. They are actually considered one the 10 most innovative churches in America!

The book is even forwarded by another one of my favorite creative leaders - Ed Young!

I should receive my secret copy of the book today in my email and I have 14 days to review it. I can't wait to read it and share the highlights here with you all.


Joel said...

Very cool...I totally forgot to try to get in on it...I cant wait to read that book...

by the way...lets try to get together next week..and call me asap if you guys are in on 30 hr famine
Joel Klampert

Steve "The Czar" Patton said...

Yeah, let's get together. We're not gonna do the 30HF, but let's get together and chop it up. Next week is pretty good for me. What day?

Joel said...

hmmmlets see...maybe wed morning. 9 am? is that doable...little coffee and breakfast? or any other day really