Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Music week!

I'm going to take the next week of posts to cover one of my favorite topics - MUSIC! But this won't be some deep, theological discussion about the cultural and spiritual importance and impact of music. This is simply going to be some posts about some of the music I dig. Let's talk it up about these artists or some of your own faves.

First up, a group that I just recently started listening to - One Republic. I know, I know...I'm late on these guys. But these guys are friggin' dope! Now, while I will admit that I don't exclusively listen to Christian/Gospel music (we'll argue the merits of that discussion on a later date), I do put a bit more support into my Christian brethren that are involved in the arts. ESPECIALLY (almost exclusively) when they are REALLY GOOD!

I'd heard the song "Appologize" before, but I never gave these dudes a second ear. Then, I discovered that these dudes were Christians. Then I discovered these dudes were fairly serious about their faith. Then I discovered these dudes went to Oral Roberts University. SO, I gave them an ear...WOW!

I know its a shock to some that I actually like music outside of contemporary worship and hip-hop. But I did most types of music - STILL can't get into country!

Let me say this, if you are looking for music to answer questions about the deep things of the spirit - don't waste the space in your ipod. BUT, if you like good music with a Godly influence in it - then these guys are the way to go. I actually like these guys better than Switchfoot and Pillar (and I dig Pillar). Check out the song below "All Fall Down." You may find songs by them that are better than this one, but this is a good one. Enjoy.


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