Monday, January 7, 2008


Reading the "Parable of the talents" taught me a lesson that will forever change the way I view EVERYTHING.

It taught me about maximizing what I have. Or better stated, using what I have to the best of my abilities. God has entrusted me with certain things: A ministry, a wife, money, leaders who serve under me, a job and a community. Am I using those things to my fullest potential?

That one question shook my world a bit because I couldn't honestly answer that question. Are there people who seemingly get more than what I have? Yes. But I'm not responsible to God for the things that they have, I'm responsible for what I have. Would I like to be in full time ministry (salary and benefits) and have big budget and youth facilities like some of my other youth ministry friends? ABSOLUTELY! I could think of TONS of things to do with them all. Unfortunately, I find myself thinking too much about what I could do with what THEY have instead of focusing on what God has given ME.

As I review this parable, I find myself thinking that I am more like the person given 5 or 2 talents. In actuality, I've been more like the person with one talent than the other 2. I WANT to say that I've been maximizing what I have and not imagining what I could do if I only had more. But if I said that I'd be lying.

So, from here I plan to be MORE like the person with 2 talents (I'm sure I'm not the guy with 5). Then I can maximize what I have and allow God to trust me with more.

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