Thursday, January 24, 2008

Last Night

Last night's youth service was GREAT...mostly. We actually hit conference level type energy during our song section (I would call it worship time, but aren't our lives supposed to be acts of worship?). It was great. The youth seemed to connect with the message. I wasn't necessarily excited about the prospect of doing a 2 part series about The Bible, but I think god gave me a great way to communicate it in a way that young people can grab it and run with it. So far, its working.

BUT, I always say you never know the true impact of a message until its a month after you've preached it.

Another great thing I'm seeing is that new people are STAYING and some of our kids who don't usually invite people are inviting people. Momentum is brewing, I beleive.

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Joel said...

awesome love to hear more...are you available friday or saturday or sunday night? after 8?
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