Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jump Start Your Heart

In this life we live for God, the condition of our hearts are critical in order for us to reach people with the gospel of Christ. The "main event" we live for is to love God, others and yourself. So, if the main thing is to love these 3 things, how are our love levels?

Do we really love God or are we cool with just working for Him? Do we really love poeple or do we just tolerate them? Do we really love ourselves or are we just concerned about what others think about us?

If you can't answer yes to a real love for God, yourself and others - then jump start your heart! Its too important of an issue to ignore. Pray and fast for a week spending unprecedented amounts of time reading the Bible to jumpstart your heart for God. Forgive people who've hurt you, rid yourself of the influence of the judgement of others and remind yourself of who God made you to be to rekindle your proper love of self. Go to spend time with hurting people and put yourself in their shoes, go to a homeless shelter, go to a 3rd world country - even go to funeral of someone you know wasn't a believer if you have to! DO SOMETHING to jumpstart your love for people.

Loving God, others and ourselves - its the main thing.

What do you do to keep your heart full of love for God, others and yourself?

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