Thursday, March 13, 2008

God is STILL healing...AGAIN!!

So, the last few weeks of our youth ministry has just been purely a time of prayer. Its been awesome. God's done A LOT during these last few weeks. I believe that God is really preparing preparing for great use and great impact in our community.

Last week, one of our young ladies, Faith, was really troubled about what has been happening to her baby sister. See, her baby sister has had eczema since birth. But not just a mild case. A case so bad that he skin bas been splitting all over her body creating sores all over her body. Its caused various forms of discoloration in her skin and overall discomfort. I mean, imagine your skin is so dry that is splits cause you to bleed and have sores all over your body. So imagine that happening to an infant. Get the picture?

So, seeing her sister in this much pain has troubled her. "Why us?" "Why my sister?" "Why does she have to go through this?" "What is God doing?" Its been troubling her soul to say the least. So, she asked us to pray for her sister (we haven't been the only people praying, the family is a believing family). So at the end of last week's service, we prayed with her for her sister. Then my wife encouraged her with a story about how God healed her. We prayed, she felt encouraged because she believed that God would do something. Well, He did.

Last night, she and her mom told us how last week her sister had been healed. The ecxema was going away, the dry spots, the cracked skin, the sores all of it was miraculously just going away! The doctors had no hope for the baby. But God did.

He healed her sister and she is doing much better. God is great and is STILL in the miracle business.

Be encouraged. Be blessed. Be healed.

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jordan said...

That is crazy! I believe strongly that God still heals today, but it is frustrating to hear all the story of Gods miraculous power in Africa and China. Many times i wonder what is the blockage point here, but to hear stories like this gives me a new hope.

Hey yea im excited to be a fellow blogger. i actually drove almost all the way down to newport today and i was thinking about you guys. Im not sure if we can meet up before awakening (it is getting...insane), but absolutely afterwards.

As for P Marco. hah i just cant see him as a blogger- but..we'll see.