Monday, March 24, 2008

F.A.M.E. - The Cultural Intersections

Recently I read a quote by Tommy Hilfiger that he believes "F.A.M.E. - Fashion, Art, Music and Entertainment makes the world go around." I think he may have been better stated by saying that these things are cultural intersections. Culture, a group of people's way of thinking, intersects at these four places.

So this got me thinking, what can we do to reach culture with the gospel at these four levels? What can we do both individually and as the Church to reach people at one of these cross roads? The big church leadership buzzword is "culture" but I believe - specifically in the area of youth ministry - that we can extend our impact with the use of these four elements to reach people for God.

What I am NOT saying is to go to the outsiders and be the stop signs and traffic signals at the intersection. The Church is already doing that. Currently, we meet people at the intersections and act as traffic cops by saying "this style of music is of the devil. That style of clothing is of the devil. You can't watch movies because they are of the devil. Christians do skateboard because its of the devil." Our roles as traffic cops have kept people from passing through to the Kingdom.

I rap. That's one way that I use music to reach people at the intersection. I can honestly say I've seen hundreds of people give or rededicate their lives to Christ through my music ministry.

But how else can we use Fashion, Arts, Music and Entertainment to reach people for Christ? This question will be a BIG one for me as my church and youth ministry progress through our current season of change.

How do you use F.A.M.E. to reach peole?

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