Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stuff To Experience in 2008

2008 is full of stuff you can do and enjoy. Here's a shortlist:

The Awakening Conference - YOUTH PASTORS - If you live in Southern New England you need to take your youth to this outstanding event. I took our youth church last year and it was life changing. If you're tired of going to youth conferences that create a great atmosphere but all you get when you return are just stories of how "cool" it was - then this is the conference for you! The speakers are dynamic, the worship is great and the leadership sessions are top notch. That's right, there are sessions specifically to further train and develop your ministry team and team leaders. Go to the website and register TODAY! Yes Rhode Island, good stuff in ministry happens here!

Urban Missionaries - If you like hip-hop music, then you need to download this mixtape. Artists from various Christian hip-hop circles contributed music for this FREE mixtape. It was started by my Sungate Records label mates to have a ministry resource for people. Here is their goal - get some God centered music and distribute it FOR FREE to as many people as possible for the sake of piercing their hearts with the gospel. This is volume 2 they are releasing now. Volume One had over 22,000 downloads in 1 week! That's right, ONE WEEK! And they have many testimonies about the people who were inspired to go after God because of what they've heard. It wasn't just in the states - they had hits from ALL OVER THE WORLD! Vol. 2 looks to be even better than volume 1. Head over to the site and download the mixtape pronto.

Generation Conference - If you live in Northern New England, NY, NJ or Uzbekestan - you need to SERIOUSLY consider this conference. Name another youth conference that has already had the likes of Ed Young and Joyce Meyer then follow that up with Craig Goeschel and Steven Furtick. Go ahead, name one...I'll wait .... YOU CAN'T do it. The GenCon is a fanstatic experience for youth and youth leaders and if you can get there, get there. The hosts are humble and care about people. When the core of the conference is God and then people - then the outcome is always lifechanging.

Life Support - My CD called "Life Support" will be out THIS APRIL 2008. You are going to love it! Honestly, the songs that I have leaked on this blog aren't even the best songs on the album. Those songs are to jabs. You haven't heard the knockout punches yet. When you hear songs like My Prayer, Hope, After The Pain, Fight To The Wire, Forevermore, Set It Off, Can It Be as well as some of the others - you will be blessed beyond belief.

Just a few things you need to experience in 2008. I hope you will.

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