Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Catch-Up...Again

So this 12 Days of Christmas thing required more than I thought. My attention span can be a little short, so when I want to write about something else, I just want to write about it. So, with that said, let's get up to day 10 of the 12 days of Christmas:

6th Day of Christmas: Anthony "Fedelity" Flagg
Watching him come up over the last 7 years has been a joy. I remember when he was in High School playing b-ball (he schooled me, not ashamed to admit it) and now seeing him and his wife Kelly is a real treat. We have really challenging and inspiring conversations. Dude may not know it, but he inspires me probably more than I inspire him. But that's assuming that I inspire him at all... Either way, he's a gift to me.

7th Day of Christmas: The Hall Family
Sid and his family came to the church for the first time the weekend Nichole and I married. We eventually met and they have been a true blessing to me and my wife. They encourage us and their kids are great. We get to spend Christmas dinner with them this year too. Great people and a real gift to me.

8th Day of Christmas: Alex Faith
He's doing some GREAT stuff with giving Christian Hip-Hop away for free as a means of outreach. Awesome! And, he designed some stuff for me and the Sungate family for free. Gotta love free, right. click the link to my Myspace to see some of work. My page and the Sungate page is great design stuff. he's been a gift to me. God bless ya, man.

9th Day of Christmas: My Youth Ministry Team
Great group of people. Sasha, Darcene, Adrianne and OF COURSE my wonderful wife (she's getting a special post). They've helped us become the ministry we are and they will help us become what I believe we will be. Hard workers, hard prayers. I;ve loved watching them mature as leaders and I look forward to more ministry with them

10th Day of Christmas: Erica and Jamie
This couple FINALLY got engaged. Nichole and I met through Erica (I'll give you the credit now). Jamie is an amazing musician and an all around great guy. I tease him occassionally with the Justin Timberlake references, but he knows he's my dude. His band is SICK and I can't wait to get live gigs going together in 2008. Erica is a sweetheart and most people don't know this, but Erica made my first non-fast food meal when I moved to Oklahoma. It wasn't that great but it wasn't Whattaburger (ugh!!!) so I was okay with it. LOL!!! Anywho, great people and gifts to me.

SOOOOOOOO, only 2 gifts left. Who will it be? One is obvious. Some will be left off, not because you aren't gifts to me or that I don't love you TONS, but if you don't happen to find yourself on this list then I may have already told you at least ONCE how much I love you. I need the whole year to blog about everyone that's a gift to me, and I don't have the attention span to write about all of you. But I will be talking to you.

Who's your gift?

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Josh said...

Noticed you mentioned Christian hip-hop and are also working with youth. I think you might enjoy this resource. peace and God bless,

Sphere of Hip-Hop