Friday, November 9, 2007

Its been SEVEN YEARS!!

No, I'm not talking about how long its been since my wife and I met. Even though it has been that long, but I'll post on that in the week leading up to my anniversary. What I'm talking about is the 7 years that its been since the birth of the record label I helped start, Sungate Records and the release of our first group project United Souls "Play It By Ear: Vol. 1." WOW! 7 years.

It was me - back then I went by the name O2 aka The Czar,now its just The Czar - King Ray and 7th Element forming the group called United Souls. Emcees to highest level with a ministry mindset, we ripped shows all around Tulsa, Detroit and did some stuff in Atlanta. It was crazy. We released our album Play It By Ear, because we felt like the Christian hip-hop genre was pretty weak in the skill department so we wanted to help raise the level a bit. Here's a track listing for those of you unfamiliar (I'm running this from memory so I might forget a track)

U or Nothin'
Dial For God (feat. Fuzz Scoota and B-Flat)
Live It Up
United Souls Coming Through (ft. JT Flex)
Holy Ghost Party
United Souls Alliance (ft. Red Suhn, JT Flex)

C'mon and Inspiration were worth the cost of the CD. Definately crowd favorites. Those two songs brought the most testimonies and praise reports of miracles and life change. There were stories of people not giving up on God and life all together because of what God was doing through those songs. I even remember a story of a student who needed $2,500 in 1 hour to be able to go on a missions trip he had been preparing for. So he put on the music, started praising God and at in the nick of time - the money came in!

So tonight, as I do my 1st ever 30 minute solo set in Warwick,RI I will remember the ministry that happened then and the ministry God is still doing now through us here at Sungate Records.

By the way, if you haven't done it yet, go to Cash Hollistah's myspace page and purchase a copy of his mixtape. DO IT NOW!!!

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