Monday, October 22, 2007

Kirk Franklin does it AGAIN (and other random thoughts)!!

-Kirk Franklin is THE guy! He's not relevant, he sets the standard!! Awesome new song, listen above.

- HOW'BOUT DEM PATRIOTS!!! Tom Brady is going to SMASH Peyton's record, and the Pat's could very well go undefeated. It looks like somebody's playing John Madden against a 5 year old! Brady has 27 touchdowns in 7 GAMES! He had 24 TD's all of LAST YEAR!! Can't wait until week 9 - Pats v Colts. The showdown!

- HOW 'BOUT DEM SAWX!! The Boston Red Sox off to another World Series! And to all my Yankee fan friends (i.e. Mike, Cash, etc) I'd like to offer my most professional statement yet... nah-nah- na- nah-na! FIrst the pennant, now the Series! History made, AGAIN.

- Had a guest speaker this Sunday at church - Dr. George Kutty. He's a missionary to India and Southern Asia with a Bible college established in India. When he starts quoting entire chapters of scripture VERBATIM and in King James English, it makes me feel like I need to read my Bible more. Great man, very humbling to be around him.

That's it for now...I'll do a post about the book I just finished "unChristian."

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Daisy said...

Have you checked out The Bible Experience? Kirk Franklin's in that.